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I am welcomed into their beautiful property in Parkwood. It is the perfect combination of old and new and I must stop myself from bombarding Wineen with too many curious questions. The walls are covered with interesting and amazing artwork from all eras and styles. It’s clear that this girl loves art!

“My first Paint by Numbers was a gift – The Frog.  After that, I was hooked.  I have an interest in art and related topics, but I have always been too intimidated to start painting on my own.  Paint by Numbers changed that for me.  I enjoyed painting Mr Frog so much that I wanted to try more, but had trouble finding pictures I wanted to paint.  That is how this shop came about, it was born out of my passion to share what I found with everyone here.”

After a failed search to find a local supplier, she made it her focus to find a supplier to buy from and distribute locally. She even designed her own website after hours of online research… Impressive!

Paint by numbers was started to support her own hobby as well as those of a few close friends. Lock-down has boosted her sales as people have time to try new things. She now sells an average of 120 canvasses a month with plenty of regulars returning for more.

Paint by Numbers offer all-in-one art kits allowing everyone to experience painting. Consisting of a printed canvas, paint and paintbrushes, you have all you need to paint a masterpiece on the spot. The numbers on the paint pots and the canvas corresponds, making it easy to just lose yourself in the act of painting.

The aim is to bring art to more people and more people to art.  Wineen wants people to experience the joy of finishing something they find beautiful.  They want people to try or start something new, even if they think they can’t and grow in confidence regarding their creativity.  Paint by Numbers want to add value to people’s lives by making a fun, creative and positive contribution.  Helping people find confidence in their ability to create. 

What impressed me most is that Wineen took it a step further and has managed to get local photographers & artists onboard to convert into pieces for Paint by Numbers. Artists like Irma Stern and Pierneef are now proudly part of her options. This is just the start according to Wineen. She recently launched canvasses for kids. The perfect Christmas gift this year!

Wineen is excited with the news that lockdown is moving into Level 2 as this will hopefully mean the opening of various markets again soon. She absolutely loves meeting with people to help them commit to creating their very own masterpiece!

Custom options are available with a minimum of 30 orders. They are great for team building events and kids parties. Consider virtual teambuilding events where Paint by numbers can send the same canvas to all the participants, never mind their location, and have the whole team complete the painting together.


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